PSA’s New Executive!!!


The results are in, here is the PSA executive for 2014-2015!

President: Agatha Mycek
Vice President: Anette Latoszewski
Secretary: Nathalie Filarski
Treasurer: Brian Baura
Public Relations Officers: Charles Klodnicki-Kouri, Daniel Okrent and Filip Lipiecki
Liaison Officer: Paula Poniatowska
Event Co-ordinator: Andrew Lugowski, Anita Albinowska
Webmaster: Nathaniel Tang
Moderator: Julia Czlapinska
Chronicler: Victoria Jankowski, Patrick Poniatowski
Alumni Representative: Robert Liczner

Thank you to all who came out to the elections!!!

PSA Elections // Wybory Zarzadu PSA


Hey fellow PSAers! The beginning of a new school year, means it’s time for fresh ideas and a new executive team. Whether you would like to run for a position (open to all U of T students- all campuses) or meet new people you are more than welcome to come!

When: 25 September 2014 @ 7:30PM


    President (According to the PSA constitution, candidates must have been an executive member of the previous year’s PSA)
    Vice-President (According to the PSA constitution, candidates must have been a member of the PSA for one year)
    Public Relations Officers
    Movie Night Directors
    Event Organizers

PSA General Meeting and Elections – Monday Septmber 21st, 2015 at 6PM

Reminder: PSA Elections are tomorrow!
WHERE: Hart House Committees Room (2nd floor) 7 Hart House Circle, Toronto ON, M5S3H3
WHEN: Monday, September 21st, 2015 at 6:00 PM (General Meeting), 6:30 PM (Elections)
We will have a General Meeting at 6pm and commence elections at 6:30!
All are welcome! Joining the executive is a great way to get more involved in student life on campus! There are plenty of positions to choose from.
Please note: In order to run for President or Vice President 1 year on exec is required. All other positions are open to everyone!
If you cannot make elections but would like to run pleaseemail with the position(s) you would like to run for and a brief few sentences about yourself and why you would like to run for the position(s). If you are not chosen for the first listed, you will be able to run for the next one.
Positions are as follows:
President: one (1) person
Vice-President: one (1) person
Treasurer: one (1) person
Secretary: one (1) person
Public Relations Officer(s): maximum three (3) persons
Liaison Officer: maximum one (1) persons
Event Co-Ordinator(s): maximum two (2) persons
Web Master(s): maximum two (2) persons
Moderator(s): maximum two (2) persons
PSA Chronicler: maximum two (2) persons
Alumni Representative: one (1) person
For descriptions of positions please visit our website (Appendix B)
For more up to date information on PSA events please visit our facebook page:


Spring Soiree: Party for a Cause!

Join us at our Spring Soiree on April 26t at 7pm at SPK Beverley Halls (206 Beverley Street). Advanced tickets are $10 for students and $15 for guests, or $15 and $20 respectively at the door.

For tickets and more information, please contact us at:

Scarborough: (647) 567-3134
Mississauga: (647) 838-7450
Toronto: (647) 825-2711


Help us reach our goal of $10 000 by 2016 in support of the Polish Langauge and Literature Program at U of T!