Henryk Luczynski

Year: 3

Program: Rotman Commerce

Kraków or Warszawa: Warsawa

Ruskie Pierogi or Słodkie Pierogi: Ruskie

Tatry or Bałtyk: Bałtyc

About Henryk:

Henryk is a 3rd year Rotman Commerce student at the University of Toronto. He is specializing in management with focuses in finance and strategy, while also minoring in physiology and economics. His career goal is to make obscene amounts of money and bathe in it like scrooge mcduck. Henryk is 100% Polish though he was born in Canada. His parents emigrated from Soviet occupied Poland in 1989. Henryk is quite fluent in Polish and finds writing in the third person to be a pretty awkward way of talking about himself. Henryk is also the treasurer of the UofT sailing team. He has worked with PSA since the start of his second year, and this year hopes to help PSA make sound financial decisions.