1920 Bitwa Warszawska/1920 Battle of Warszaw (Film)

1920 Bitwa warszawska” (1920 Battle of Warsaw)is a Polish historical film directed by Jerzy Hoffman depicting the events of the Battle of Warsaw during the Polish–Soviet War of 1920.

Trailer: Youtube

There will be several screenings from Friday, October 28 to Thursday, November 3 at AMC Theatres Oakville (2081 Winston Park Dr., Oakville, near the QEW and Winston Churchill Blvd — Google Maps).

Screening Schedule:

October 28/28 październik (Friday/piątek)
Premier Screenings/seanse premierowe
6:00PM/18:00, 8:30PM/20:30, 11:00PM/23:00

October 29/29 październik (Saturday/sobota)
11:00AM, 1:30PM/13:30, 4:00PM/16:00, 6:30PM/18:30, 9:00PM/21:00, 11:30PM/23:30

October 30/30 październik (Sunday/niedziela)
11:00AM, 1:30PM/13:30, 4:00PM/16:00, 6:30PM/18:30, 9:00PM/21:00

October 31/31 październik (Monday/poniedziałek)
7:00PM/19:00, 9:30PM/21:30

November 1/1 listopada (Tuesday/wtorek)
7:00PM/19:00, 9:30PM/21:30

November 2/2 listopada (Wednesday/sroda)
7:00PM/19:00, 9:30PM/21:30

November 3/3 listopada (Thursday/czwartek)
7:00PM/19:00, 9:30PM/21:30

For ticketing information, please visit: http://www.pegazartproduction.com/