PSA 2020-2021 Executives!

PSA is pleased to announce the results of our recent election.

The 2020-21 executives are as follows:

President: Sophia Orfanakos
Co-Vice Presidents: Mayra Swiader & Ericsson Sing
Treasurer: Henryk Luczynski
Secretary: Anna Kalinowski

We would like to thank all our exec members this year for their work and dedication to the club. Dziękujęmy bardzo to Martin, Anna, Ericsson, Sophia, Gabriella, Henryk, Vanessa, Stefania, Christian, Mayra, Seba, James, Luke, Brian, Kasper, and Julia!

Lastly, we would like to extend to all our followers and patrons, a warm appreciation and thank you from all of us at PSA for taking part in our events this year. We look forward, once these challenging times are over, to seeing you all once again.