Siatkowka – Volleyball

English Version Follows:
Siatkowka/ Wyjscie do Baru

KIEDY: JUTRO! Sroda, 5 Sierpnia,2009, od 19:30- 23:00
GDZIE: Hart House Gym przy ulicy Hart House Circle,
potem Bar: Duke of York lub inny

PSA zaprasza na rozgrywke siatkowki a potem wyjscie do baru. Prosze
nie ubierac dzinsow i miec buty sportowe na przebranie do gry. Rowniez
przypominamy zeby miec ze soba T-card, inaczej obowiazuje $15 oplata
-guest pass. Gre zaczynamy o 20 00. Do zobaczenia!
Volleyball/ Pub Night

WHEN: TOMORROW! Wednesday, August 5,2009, from 7:30 to 11:00 pm
WHERE: Hart House Gym at Hart House Circle
followed by an outing to: Duke of York

PSA invites you to a game of volleyball at Hart House, followed by
some beers and chats at a nearby campus pub (probably the Duke of
York, but other suggestions are welcome). Just make sure you don’t
wear jeans or street shoes for the volleyball game. It’s just for fun,
so don’t worry about proper serving technique or anything. We’ll be
starting on the court at 8pm.

NOTE: You need to bring your TCARD! If you don’t, you’ll have to pay
for a guest pass, $15. So don’t forget your card.

See you there!