Vice President Communications

Ericsson Sing

Year: 4

Program: International Relations and European Studies | Slavic Languages & Culture: Polish Minor

Kraków or Warszawa: Oczywiście Kraków

Ruskie Pierogi or Słodkie Pierogi: Ruskie

Tatry or Bałtyk: Tatry

About Ericsson:

Ericsson is entering his final year at the University of Toronto. Prior to entering university, he lived and worked in Poland. While living in the Central European country, he grew fond of the country’s landscape, culture, and people. He is keen on immigrating to Poland after he has completed his studies. In light of his passion for everything Poland and Polish, he joined the Polish Students’ Association in 2017 to hone his Polish language skills and to develop new friendships and connections with the Polish community in Toronto. Over the course of his university career, Ericsson has served as Secretary and Vice-Presidents under two executive teams. Ericsson is honoured with the privilege to serve on the executive team again for the 2020-2021 academic year as Vice – President Communications. In addition to PSA, he also serves as President of the European Studies Students Association.