Vice President

Mayra SwiaderY

Year:  3

Program: French and Spanish Studies

Kraków or Warszawa: Warszawa

Ruskie Pierogi or Słodkie Pierogi: Ruskie

Tatry or Bałtyk: Tatry

About Mayra:

Mayra is a third-year student at the University of Toronto, majoring in French and Spanish studies. Mayra has been a member of the Polish Students’ Association since 2018, previously holding the position of Chronicler. Despite being born in Canada, Mayra is a Polish citizen and has a lot of appreciation for her culture and its traditions. She makes an effort to continuously work on her Polish language skills through maintaining contact with the Polish-speaking community. In addition to Polish, Mayra also enjoys learning about the structure and phonetics of other languages, which inspired her interest in Spanish and French. In the upcoming academic year, she is looking forward to taking on the role of Co-Vice President, along with Ericsson Sing. She hopes to help PSA with new changes and events that will keep the club lively and exciting for all of its members.