Sophia Orfanakos

Year: 4

Program: Life Science

Kraków or Warszawa: Kraków

Ruskie Pierogi or Słodkie Pierogi: Słodkie Pierogi

Tatry or Bałtyk: Bałtyk

About Sophia:

Sophia is a fourth-year Life Science student at the University of Toronto, specializing in Health and Disease, and minoring in Immunology. Her career goal is to go to Medical school and become a doctor. Sophia is half Polish and half Greek and is extremely proud of her heritage. Her mother moved to the USA from Poland in 1992 and her father was born in Toronto, but grew up in Greece. Her grandparents live in Poland and Greece. Sophia is well-traveled and has lived in several countries which has broadened her experiences and given her a well-rounded perspective. Although never having attended Polish school, she has proficient Polish language skills as well as developed multi-linguistic skills, having studied German, Arabic, and Spanish. Sophia is VP External of the Greek Students’ Association and has served the Polish Students’ Association since her second year. This year, her goal as president is to expand cultural horizons by interacting with various Polish student associations across the globe.